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Famous Paintings Reproductions and Printings

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All reproductions are painted on order, we carry all famous paintings and authors. We do Oil reproduction and also Canvas Print and diferent sizes. For pricing please contact us Ph. +52 868 268 1690 or by our Contact page.
Authors List:
Todas las reproducciones se hacen sobre pedido y manejamos todas las pinturas y autores famosos. Manejamos Reproducción en Óleo y también Impresión en Lienzo en diferentes tamaños. Para información y precios por favor contáctenos al (868) 268 1690 o en nuestra página de contacto
Listado de Autores:

Famous authors list – Listado de autores famosos


Huaxteca Art Gallery

Huaxteca Art Gallery is created thanks to the sponsorship of children, and in honor of Roberto Denova who in life was a major promoter of art and culture. It was one of the first to support initiatives like the Cultural Tianguis Matamoros Collective Bravo, and also great support and friend of Maria Teresa Martinez Gallery Without Borders, so its former tattoo place now work to further promote art and culture.
Galería de Arte Huaxteca se crea gracias al auspicio de los hijos de, y en honor a Roberto Denova quien en vida fue un importante impulsor del arte y la cultura. Fue uno de los primeros en apoyar iniciativas como el Tianguis Cultural Matamoros del Colectivo Bravo, y también gran apoyo y amigo de María Teresa Martínez de Galería Sin Fronteras, por lo que su otrora espacio para tatuar ahora funcionará para continuar promoviendo el arte y la cultura.

Inauguracion Huaxteca Art Gallery

Invitacion Subasta Dic 2015

Dec 11, 2015 Auction

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Proudly presents the Art Aucion to be held Dec 11th, 2015 19:00 pm

Invitacion Subasta Dic 2015

Invitacion Subasta Dic 2015

23 painters, photographers and sculpturers present more than 40 art pieces for the auction

Artistas Subasta Dic 2015

A sale percentage will be donated to the kids of Bethel AC

Bethel Casa Hogar A. C.

To receive the check the kids from Bethel will come to the Gallery and enjoy the Circus Light show

Circo Light

Appreciating the valuable collaboration of our sponsor, patron, and auctioneer Ing. Miguel Rubiano.

We look forward to see you at Azucenas St & Primera St 2101across of the American Consulate in Matamoros.

1er Aniversario

* First Anniversary Resume

The first year sounds to me as the first step, true that to take that first step we had to learn at least to crawl and then step up 😉 and here the same, we had to vacate the area, as were it was warehouse, seal , painting, cleaning, conditioning, changing dates … and it’s funny to change dates because the Gallery was initially thought for two artists, the painter Michael Oates and photographs of Mayte Martinez but when talking to my Tianguis Cultural mate Jorge Barrera, I love his work, and he commented to another artist, then another, then another that were adding themselves to the project had to change date of March through August to get the larger local ready, cause the small one was insufficient even to inaugurate already had 10 artists work, and the second place was more difficult to get ready because was for a cafeteria designed to be … which eventually had to open to give a reason for people coming from outside to handle their visa, they now come in to see the works and have a coffee.

This year (and long before) we had the invaluable support of Blanca Morales, director of the County Gallery Jaime Garza, our godmother Rosaura Dávila de Cuellar, Ing. Miguel Rubiano, Norma Morales Gonzalez, Maria Elena Gonzalez Councillor for Culture, Yolanda Montelongo Museum director Rigo Tovar, members of the Society Tamaulipeca History, Geography and Statistics which, as good historians the importance of art in our society well known, the indispensable assistance of great painters thanks to their career have the experience needed to guide those who are new to the wonderful world of art such as Onesimo Gallardo, Michael Oates and Jorge de la Fuente.

I can not fail to mention the support of the reporters from Art and Culture: Idalia Beltran, Javier Sancho, Gregorio Martinez, Lizeth Vargas, Gris Valtierra, Monica Canela, Cesar Manjarrez and Adolfo Dominguez and the local media reporters Jose Fidelino Vera and Norberto Lacarriere that with their articles and interviews made known the exhibitions, artists, lectures, workshops and concerts that take place in our facilities.

I want to pay special tribute to my children David and Arturo Castillo, Jodie my daughter in law and my grandchildren Danna and Luis Eduardo for supporting this project.

Special thanks to Leonardo Avalos and Carlos Noé because they are the ones that month-on-month carry the heaviest work as they are the ones who usually help me with museology and accommodate the works. Thank You!

This year, besides the collective exhibitions also held a Guitar Concert organized in coordination with participating Abraham Sosa and students of Colegio San Juan Siglo XXI Julio Cesar Salazar and Mario Andres Ramirez also lately we had an Art History lecture by Ing. Miguel Rubiano.

Special mention deserves the auction that was held in June to benefit the Mexican Red Cross Delegation Matamoros organized with the support of Ing. Miguel Rubiano and for which were donated a painting of Manuel Robledo and Franchute’s Silkscreen made by Enrique Cattaneo donated by Mrs. Marcela Ronquillo de Hinojosa, also a lithography that Mr. Rubiano donated, to this auction attended and bought some collectors like Mrs. Florinda Pérez and Maria Luisa M. Rubiano, Roberto Mendez, Raul Silva, Maria Elena González, Nilda and Arturo Garza and Marga López, in which 14 out of 21 paintings were sold.

To Luis Zuñiga and the Circus Light let me reassure that this is your space, I hope you keep meeting your goals and get more achievements, keep growing as team. Thank you for being always here!

Then allow me to share with you the list of artists whose work has been exhibited in the gallery, some on permanent display and others in the monthly thematic exhibitions.

Alberto Hernandez
Brizeida Villarreal
Cali Sa
Carlos Noé Martínez
Carol Medina
Cuauhtémoc Martinez Flores
Elena Grigoreva
Eva Malagon
Fernando Pérez
Flor Delgado
Harmony Gomez
Hugo de la Garza
Jaime Garza
Javier Dragustinovis
Jorge Barrera
Javier Aguirre
Javier Sancho Mercado
Jorge de la Fuente
Juan Alberto Maraboto
Juan Francisco Gonzalez
Juan Jose Vela Aleman
Juan Manuel Hinojosa
Julian Luna
Julio Coronado
Manuel Robledo
Mario Alberto Velázquez
Mayte Martinez (yours truly)
Michael Oates
Monica Estrada
Offir Gonzalez
Onesimo Gallardo
Raúl González Sierra
Roberto Juarez
Silvia Guerra Domene
Silvia Martinez
Tony Montero
Victor Lara

Roberto Juarez students Regional Institute of Fine Arts in Matamoros and the College of the Faith.

To all those who have collaborated: Thank you, thank you very much!

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Painting, Photography and Sculpture

Paintings, Photography and Sculptures Permanent Exhibit by amazing artists:
Paintings and Frames by Michael Oates

Paintings by Jorge Barrera Velazquez

Paintings by Roberto Juarez

Photography by María Teresa Martínez

Paintings by Onésimo Gallardo

Acuarelas, Replicas y Retratos por Martínez Flores

Pinturas por Carlos Noé

Fotografías por Javier Sancho

Escultura por Victor Lara

Pintura por Raúl González Sierra

Pintura por Tony Montero

Replicas por Fernando Pérez

Replicas por Alberto Hernández Guzmán

Pintura por Harmony Gómez