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Onesimo Gallardo

The passion for the human figure, is because the ever new wonder I feel for its beauty, even the monstrosity of this biological machine that overwhelms me its complex compression, and only I remain in perplexed contemplation of expressive landscape of his immeasurable polymorphous. Gallardo.

His passions: painting and theater, in Onésimo without one the other can not exist, without the two Onésimo can not exist. His work is committed to this world and his paintings are inhabited with people who are willing to take the leap, or atone, carried away by the maelstrom of the unconscious. Ocher colors, torn by Onésimo brushes, powerful figures saturated mannerism, the body in all its architectural power muscles that vibrate theatrically at the time. Because they know that time can give them the reason for their entire existence. His pictures and images that will always be hung, exposing the soul in a space, there where we store memories, truth and conscience.- Mr. Medardo Treviño

Catalogo Charrerías descargable de las Pinturas de Charrerías de la Serie “Lo Nuestro”

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