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Javier Sancho

I started in the art of photography since age 13, at 15 and started with photography social portrait and since 1988 I decided I wanted to express by means of a camera which means the world, wanted to let me know by numbers aperture and shutter speeds.
Initiating me as a photographer without academic foundation, I felt that what applied in each shot should have some technical and how I decided to study Communication Sciences, that I understood the basics and from that day I am inspired with what a camera can offer, I am an eternal apprentice of the lens, so that I have convinced many to leave them a little of what I know without them knowing that what I do is take their skills to incorporate them into my box of knowledge that has a bottom, at least not one who knows and further develop my own technique.

I photograph almost anything from a face to the smallest flower, because I believe that everything has something beautiful to offer the world, a smile, a frown, a thorn, an imposing hill or a breathtaking sea, leaving all one morning with a camera shoulder and shoot and shoot until sleep overcomes me, that’s my idea of ​​a perfect day. – Javier Sancho

Javier Sancho Mercado, master photographer who we could not help but submit to the Exhibition Without Borders. Portrait photography and landscapes. Visit our virtual store to see the ones for sale online and/or at the Gallery Without Borders, here some of his photos:

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