Febrero 2015


As promised, Gallery Without Borders is open to all artists to exhibit their works, the idea started with 2 artists, inaugurated with 10 and five months later we have 6 more exhibiting artists! Enjoy the work of:

Mike Oates * Onésimo Gallardo * Jorge de la Fuente Cessario * Roberto Juárez * Carlos Noé Martínez * Jorge Barrera * Martínez Flores * Tony Montero * Juan Manuel Hinojosa * Javier Sancho Mercado * Victor Lara * Raúl González Sierra * Fernando Pérez * Alberto Hernández * Harmony Gómez * Cali Sa * Javier Aguirre * Carol Medina and María Teresa Martínez.

By now we opened 2 more exhibit areas, and a concert hall.
Come to see the at least 50 paintings, scultures and photography we have at Azucenas and Primera St, Col. Jardín, right across the US consulate, inside the secure perimeter.
Ph. +52 868 268 1690

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